Orange Cast

Word of the Community Owner

A big shout out to our Orange Cast Community! Welcome to the Orange Cast Protagonist Page

The game's Campaign and its main features are now already finished, along with most of the game’s primary content. But we do require additional work that is necessary to give Orange Cast the best quality possible. We will refine and balance every aspect of the game - and this is possible only with your help and participation.

We want you to guide our hands, to involve you in the development process as much as possible - supplying us not only with some of the resources required for development but your feedback and ideas as well. We, in turn, will provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at the development and constant contact on every major milestone we achieve.

It is our passion project & we want to do it right!

- Team Rezonans


About Protagonist:

Protagonist aims to help Game Developers unite People around their Ideas. Create, foster and engage a community to actively influence the creative process, raise funds and find the support that is necessary to bring projects to life.

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