Feedback Request: Strategic Map


what are the card states

4 200 Fuel goal
units of fuel raised

Getting the image

You can download the screenshot that is attached to this card below.

Purpose of the discussion

The goal of this discussion is to collect your feelings about the look of the strategic map and what we should do to improve it.


The main design references are Civilization and Total War. If you can while giving feedback please attach visual references that can help people understand what you mean and see how we could integrate this in the design.


Please, provide detailed and constructive feedback. The goal of this exercise is to push the quality of our production to the maximum. We also will use the final screenshots as blueprints for the game production.

Keep in mind that the design should make it easy for the player to make the map readable, this mean distinguishing what are possible actions, where the units are and how frequently something will be used. :-)

Keep in mind the UI elements are not yet present they will come soon.

Managing expectations

Your feedback is very important to the design team and will be considered very seriously for the next update of the screenshots. Please do not get offended if we are unable to integrate all feedback. There might be some limitations or incompatibilities with the vision/direction/design etc.


Just post in the comments your feedback. :-)



Comments (6)

Sgt-EliasThu Apr 04 19:08
As next step: please think about removing few trees on the edges of the 100% tiles and add more trees directly on the edge of the tile, the thin borders crossing the map are a bit annoying. By doing the 100% jungle tiles less symetrical and adding a logic of turning each tile randomly to each other, the outcome might provide a more natural perception of a realistic jungle
Sgt-EliasThu Apr 04 19:03
There are 100% jungle and 100% plains tile. Which makes the look repetitive and inorganic - therefore think about a new tile: 50% jungle, 50% plains with a simple 50% reduction of the movement modifier (if jungle is 100%). Locate those new tiles around the 100% jungle tiles and it will look far more organic and beautiful.
GuillaumeMon Mar 11 17:39
Would it make sense to add the emblem of the squads as beacon/representation of where they are on the map? That would tie back to the super high-level map. I also echo Lukas' comments below about proportions.
GuillaumeMon Mar 11 17:36
Hello Lukas, fyi the download functionality for the screenshot doesn't work.
LukasThu Mar 07 14:10community manager
1) Hexagons with jungle and forest could blend in better with non-forest terrain to break down visibility of individual hexagons. (Civilization 6 does this very well) 2) I think overall ratio of the map size to objects on it makes it look too gamey. We should make the buildings, vehicles and squads smaller relative to the overall map to make it feel more like overview from birds perspective and less like in-game overview. 3) We should zoom out a bit to make player see more of the gameplan, this way he is too zoomed in to a relatively small area.