New feature: Destructible environment


what are the card states

4 200 Fuel goal
units of fuel raised

Concept art:

Historical Description:

Collateral damage is the deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted on an unintended target. In American military terminology, it is used for the incidental killing or wounding of non-combatants or damage to non-combatant property during an attack on a legitimate military target.[1][2] In US military terminology, the unintentional destruction of allied or neutral targets is called friendly fire.

Critics of the term see it as a euphemism that dehumanizes non-combatants killed or injured during combat, used to reduce the perception of culpability of military leadership in failing to prevent non-combatant casualties.[3][4][5][6]

Feature Description:

Every object in the scene becomes destroyable if enough of a force is applied. When exploded, objects will break down into fracture pieces that scatter around based on the blast.

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