New faction: Air America


what are the card states

4 200 Fuel goal
units of fuel raised

Concept Art:

Historical Description:

Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline covertly owned and operated by the US government from 1950 to 1976. It was used as a dummy corporation for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations in Indochina. The CIA did not have enough work to keep the asset afloat and the National Security Councilfarmed the airline out to various government entities that included the US Air Force, US Army, USAID, and for a brief time France. Essentially, Air America was used by the US government covertly to conduct military operations, posing as a civilian air carrier, in areas the US armed forces could not go due to treaty restraints contained in the 1954 and 1962 Geneva Accords.[1]

Feature Description:

Air America airports will offer you stock of best weapons money can buy, as well as access to mercenaries or US recruits.

Air America can also perform supply drops in designated areas or drop propaganda materials in order to increase loyalty.

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