Character enhancement: Platoon Personalities


what are the card states

15 000 Fuel goal
units of fuel raised

Concept Art:

Historical Description:

Journalist Sallah found that between 1971 and 1975, the Army's Criminal Investigation Command had investigated the Tiger Force unit for alleged war crimes committed between May and November 1967.[8] The documents included sworn statements from many Tiger Force veterans, which detailed war crimes allegedly committed by Tiger Force members during the Song Ve Valley and Operation Wheeler military campaigns. The statements, from both individuals who allegedly participated in the war crimes and those that did not, described war crimes such as the following:

Feature Description:

Each soldier comes with an affinity towards the "Hearts and Minds" behavior or "Warlord". Based on actions the soldier is ordered to perform, he can become further inclined one way or the other.

Soldier unlocks special abilities and actions as he progresses one way or the other as well as new, random behaviors that the soldier can demonstrate.

Hearts and minds

Soldiers become much better at negotiation with civilians and any loyalty increasing missions.

As a side effect, they might refuse to execute some of your less savory orders or risk their lives to save civilians, against your better judgement.


Soldiers are more apt at threatening the villagers. Warlords also deal with stress of battle better.

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